3,2,1 Blast Off! Vortex DeFi Mainnet (Beta) is live.

Features live on mainnet

  1. Lending and Borrowing on Aave v2 protocol
  2. Lending and Borrowing on yEarn v2 protocol
  3. Lending and Borrowing on Compound Protocol
  4. Aggregation with Zapper.fi ZAPS for pools and yVaults
  5. Reduction of Vortex DeFi Smart Wallet fee creation by 70%
  6. Enablement of deposit and withdrawal to the Vortex DeFi Smart Wallet

Known Limitation

  1. Yearn Total Investment Balance Correction
  2. Zap Out needs to be approved first before withdrawing
  3. Existing code on the mainnet is not audited and the audit will be conducted shortly

What Next?



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Vortex DeFi

Vortex DeFi


Vortex DeFi is the gateway to all the DeFi instruments under one eco-system.