Message About Chainswap Hack

Today @chain_swap was hacked. As a result of the hack, many projects (including Vortex DeFi ($VTX)) with whom @chain_swap partnered for bridging tokens between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum got impacted.

Chainswap Hack Information

Chainswap’s contracts were attacked by hackers on 10th July, Saturday around 3–4 PM EST. As a result of this exploit, hackers were successful in stealing tokens for more than 10 projects including, Vortex DeFi, Dafi, Option Room, Razor, Nord Finance, Oro, Antimatter, and others. During this process, close to 4 million $VTX tokens were compromised and sold by the hacker on Uniswap.

For the people not aware, the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) version of the $VTX token contract was deployed on the @binanceChain via the bridge created by @chain_swap to facilitate the trading on @PancakeSwap.

Approximately two hours before the @chain_swap hack, close to 4 million $VTX tokens on the Ethereum mainnet came under the control of the hacker through the @chain_swap bridge contract. These transactions started at block 12801548:

and went on till block: 12801553

Once the tokens came under control, it was sold through Uniswap by the following two transactions causing a massive price crash and removing close to 30–35 eth worth liquidity from the market.

Based on the transactions above, it is highly likely that the attacker has sold all the tokens. $VTX can be traded on Pancakeswap and Uniswap.

Attacker address is:

Moreover, Vortex DeFi’s smart contract for $VTX (audited by Zokyo)and the other two staking contracts remain unaffected.

Our team has been watching this situation closely and working on it. We will be posting more updates on this. Thanks for supporting us in these tough times.

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