Uniswap Liquidity Migration & Liquidity Reward Continuation on V2


  1. Existing Liquidity Providers must unstake the LP Tokens from here: https://defiwizard.xyz/vortex/staking
  2. The current $VTX/ETH LP reward program has been discontinued due to some malfunction in the existing Defiwizard’s LP smart contract as many users complained about not receiving the Reward Tokens.
  3. The deadline to Unstake the VTX rewards is 6th June 2021, 11:45 AM UTC
  4. After the deadline, Vortex DeFi will remove all unclaimed rewards from the Defiwizard smart contract in order to share the same in the new smart contract.
  5. No user, who did not claim the rewards within the deadline, will be refunded later.
  6. There is no deadline to claim the LP Tokens. But, No user will get any reward on Defiwizard after 6th June 2021.


  • Users that provide liquidity to Uniswap VTX/ETH pair on V2 will earn a share of 300,000 VTX tokens that go live on June 7th 2021 at 11:45 AM UTC via this link: https://staking.vortexdefi.com
  • 5,000 $VTX tokens per day will be rewarded to VTX/ETH Uniswap LPs
  • The rewards program will end exactly after 60 Days
  • All the Liquidity providers will share the rewards proportionally

Steps to Participate in V2 Vortex LP Rewards Program:



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