Vortex DeFi partners with Orion Protocol


Vortex DeFi is excited to announce its partnership with Orion Protocol, one of the leading projects in the DeFi space working on the aggregation of every DEX, CEX, and swap pool on a decentralized platform.


The key area of collaboration between Vortex DeFi and Orion Protocol will be Liquidity, considering the fact that Orion Protocol will power Vortex DeFi’s V-SWAP feature with additional liquidity. Through Orion’s plugin, users will gain access to substantial liquidity across the digital asset market. Thus, Reducing slippage, aiding cost-effectiveness, and improving user experience. As liquidity grows, The volume and the number of users will rise as well.

About Vortex DeFi

Vortex DeFi is a gateway to the world of DeFi, bringing all the DeFi instruments such as yield management, NFT, swapping, and insurance together on one platform, creating a seamless experience for the end-user.

About Orion Protocol

Built on the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed, Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of every single crypto exchange into one decentralized platform: providing a non-custodial gateway to the entire digital asset market. In doing so, Orion is building a protocol on which to bridge the worlds of crypto, traditional finance, and real-world assets.

Vortex DeFi is the gateway to all the DeFi instruments under one eco-system.