Vortex DeFi Partners with Razor Network For Price Feed Oracle


Vortex DeFi is proud to announce its partnership with Razor Network, the creator of next-gen oracle systems for the DeFi market.

Razor Network offers a Secure, decentralized, and permissionless Oracle service that handles a lot of existing issues in the DeFi oracle space. Razor Network consists of validators who lock in their tokens as a “Stake” and provide data to the network. The honest validators are rewarded and those who report incoherently are penalized. Razor’s reliance on its core technology helps it to avoid issues such as data hacks, single points of failure, and any potential server downtime. Most importantly, Razor Network will ensure that the data transmitted through its oracle service is secure and trustworthy for its end-users.


The key area of partnership between Razor Network and Vortex DeFi will be to focus on the integration of a secure and reliable real-world price feed oracle to the V-SWAP feature of Vortex DeFi. This integration will ensure that the users of V-SWAP on the Vortex DeFi platform access the accurate and trustworthy prices for P2P crypto-asset swaps on the V-SWAP platform.

Hrishikesh Huilgolakar, CEO of Razor Oracle Network said:

We understand the importance of secure and reliable oracles in DeFi space, which makes us strive to offer the best to our partners like Vortex DeFi, who are working on shaping the future of DeFi. We both share a common goal of simplifying DeFi for all, so that everyone can get the maximum benefit out of it. By using our oracle, Vortex will be able to provide quality service to their users and we are happy to be a part of their journey

Rahul Singh, CEO of Vortex DeFi said:

We are excited to partner with Razor Network, one of the most promising decentralized oracle networks for the DeFi space. Collaboration with Razor Network will boost the critical component of V-SWAP. With this partnership, Vortex users in the future will get exposure to information provided by Razor’s secure and reliable oracle services

About Vortex DeFi

Vortex DeFi is a gateway to the world of DeFi, bringing all the DeFi instruments such as yield management, NFT, swapping, and insurance together on one platform, creating a seamless experience for the end-user.

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About Razor Network

Razor Network is a truly decentralized Oracle platform for Decentralized Finance. We are working on next-gen oracle systems. Stay updated with the latest developments by following us on Github and Telegram for updates.

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Vortex DeFi


Vortex DeFi is the gateway to all the DeFi instruments under one eco-system.